Hi I am Rocky the little brown chihuahua and Roxy is my step sister she's a bit bigger than me, we think she is a cross between a whippet and a chihuahua like me - she's a bit daft and I am a bit aggressive (but I'm working on that)

So we are at the moment busy with the new business and our human, Donna, is doing the typing for us as we tried to learn to touch type but our paws are just too big on her little keypad - !! 

We are going into business together as we met in the foster carers home Ruth who is lovely from wonky pets and we really liked each other from the day we met - Donna adopted us at the end of May so we are settling in now.  We decided that we want to make and sell jewellery for dogs and humans and are super excited - wait till you see the new products...!  

She told us that it takes a while to make these sites but we are busy anyway designing and making the new products, we are a bit impatient, but she is training us to be better behaved.   Its not really our fault as we have had a bad start in life but she takes for nice walks and she is working on our anxiety issues.  We will start a blog and continue with the Instagram site in between all of this, we are a busy family at the moment..!  Oh she told us to tell you that Ollie, the other Chihuahua, has retired now - he was a big part of Posh Gypsies and she loved him very much xx

So please follow our Instagram for now until we get ourselves up and running ....!!